welcome to life personal training

Good health means quality of life and is very important now a days. Our way to more agility, relaxation, joy of life, tasting nutrition and joy in work is the goal.
Our definition of health is: be in
Love with life, Individuality, Flexibilty, Efficiancy.

We want that you feel good.

We are offering following programs

After a fitness assessment which looks at the components of cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility we also evaluating your health status.

Then we will create for you an holistic fitness program which could include following components. That we offer as life personal training or life group training.

components of training
  • cardiovascular training
  • strength training
  • bodydefinition
  • flexibility training
  • weight management
  • nutrition councilling
  • relaxation
  • massage
  • mental coaching
louise l. hay you can heal your life 10 week group
love yourself, heal your life workshop 2 days

kinds of sports
  • walking / nordic walking
  • jogging
  • fitness training
  • aqua fitness
  • healthy back training
  • aerobics
  • inline skating

prices are shown under the AGB

paradise is here

For your incentives, events or sports-journey we will create from these components an unforgetable day or week. Tell us your dreams and we will make them true.

For more information please contact us

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